Architecture and real estate photos

Structures, light and design: Aesthetic images of rooms and buildings. Not just for brochures and flyers: Anyone traveling as an architectural photographer in Berlin can find hundreds of thousands of buildings in the 892,00 km² city area here alone. Each one unique in form and design, function and size. Whether private homes or public buildings, monuments or modern real estate. Sometimes they are playful, minimalist, sometimes classicist - real estate photography is a bit like photographing people: It requires a feeling for the building, a connection to the interior and, above all, closeness in the image.

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Real estate photos & architecture

When photographing an apartment, a house or a vacation home, I first take my time without a camera. A tour, experiencing the rooms and feeling the light. That comes before I even unpack the camera. Only then do I decide to what extent available light should be supported by artificial light sources, which perspectives and views are suitable for the rooms and how style and furnishings can best be accentuated. Discretion is as much a matter of course as the swift and flexible implementation of orders.