Politics, business and associations

Journalistic and documentary work is exciting: the capital is not only the cultural, culinary or architectural center of the republic. Far-reaching political decisions are also made in Berlin every day. In the Bundestag, Bundesrat, committees and specialist departments: The course that is set here in the epicenter of democracy has an impact on society, the economy and the future. Documenting these processes and events photographically is just as much a part of my job.


Images for politics & associations

Not only political parties and ministries in Berlin need photographers to publicize their work and points of view. Associations and interest groups are also active in the capital and would also like to present their topics in pictures. Discretion is therefore just as much a part of the job as a photographer as a basic level of knowledge about the topics being worked on. In panel discussions, conferences, informal and formal conversations between politics and society, in background discussions - but also simply at prestigious events such as summer parties and award ceremonies: Event photography must be able to sensitively capture in the background and still be able to render expressively.