Corporate photographer & image photos

What exactly is an image photo? A highly polished product image? Thumbs up with grinning employees? To convey the image of a product, a company, an event or a person, you need more than just a good vehicle. It is much more about catching the moments in which authenticity and genuine joy credibly break through and are conveyed in the very first image: This is what we stand for! Not just now, when the spotlights and eyes are on us. But every day, every second - because we love what we do!


Fields of work as a corporate photographer

The work of a corporate or image photographer helps to shape and strengthen the external image of a company. By creating professional, expressive images, they make a significant contribution to building trust and promoting a positive perception among customers, partners and the public. Not least with the rise of social media, visual presence in the digital space is crucial. And so images that are optimized for platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn or company websites are also needed.